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We created this blog for two reasons; to dive back into our travels by reliving them through pictures and posts, and to put the knowledge we gained while travelling to good use by CoupleLuangPrabanghelping our fellow travellers. We feel we found some awesome things to share through posts, but that’s not all. Maybe we found the best fast boat to take between Bali mainland and Gili Air, maybe we figured out the best way to get those stubborn taxi drivers to turn on their meters, and maybe we can alert you to avoid that run down hostel where they don’t wash their sheets in Ho Chi Minh City. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t, but you won’t know if you don’t ask!

Send us an email or comment on our page and we will attempt to get back to you ASAP. Seriously, the worst thing that can happen is that we don’t know the answer but we’ll try and help you find one! So let us help you, while also reliving our trip through you!


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