About Us

Hey everyone! We’re Alex and Devon. After we graduated university in 2015, we left to travel South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand for four months. We fell in love with the backpacker lifestyle; we loved getting to move to different places, meet people and try new things. The freedom of being able to chase the views we wanted to see and the moments we wanted to experience became a way of life that we just couldn’t get enough of. Since then, we’ve been backpacking and travelling consistently to Europe, The United States and South America!

So Why the Whirlwind Travellers?

After experiencing the most high-energy, exciting and freeing adventure either of us had ever been on, we knew we were hooked on this whirlwind way of life.

Before our first adventure we were, by all definitions, beginner travellers; unsure of basically everything from packing to what to eat. We poured over books, blogs, pamphlets. We went to parents, friends, and friends of friends for advice and the whole time we wished we had one place to access all of this information. So we decided to start our own blog to share our experiences in hopes of creating that exact place; one that provides travel info and advice clearly and honestly. We look forward to helping anyone, either first time travellers or well seasoned vets, easily find something new to take with you on your next adventure!

Why Us?

What makes us different than all the other travel blogs out there? We think we can help a wide range of travellers because as a pair, we are able to cover very different styles of travelling, making us accessible to all in the travelling community.Alex

Alex knows when to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment but he also loves trying thrilling
activities. He really explores every place he is in (try to get him to leave Angkor Wat before he’s seen it all and you’ll have trouble). He is good at letting go of the stress that may come with travelling cheap and at being positive in any situation.

Devon stresses about the practicalities of travelling enough for the both of them, but excels at preparing for the trip and staying organized while travelling. She loves planning day trips and always makes sure to include trying the yummiest foods in the area. She is definitely the dreamer of the two, so she really loves finding those postcard views and whimsical moments where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the world.Devon2

In no way can we pretend that we are travel pros (yet) but we think we can definitely provide tips and ideas on how we managed to see and do so much in four months time on a small budget. We were meticulous at recording where we stayed, what companies we did day trips or activities with and what worked and didn’t work, so we will be upfront and honest about our knowledge on any particular subject. We won’t try to sugar coat an experience we did not like, but will definitely talk up the ones we loved.

Finally, as we ourselves are still learning and currently planning our next adventure (to South America), we hope to take any readers with us on our journey from start to finish. We hope to build a community of travel lovers where we can all share ideas and tips in comments on our posts, or in e-mails directly to us! We can’t wait to meet everyone who loves travelling as much as we do!

If you enjoy what we’re doing, follow or contact us! All of our info can be found here.


Happy Travelling!

Alex & Devon