5 Tips That Will Actually Help You Stay Fit While Travelling

Ah yes, the age old dilemma of over-indulging and under-exercising while on your travels. With so many new places to see, things to do and different FOOD to try, it’s easy to get caught up and forget to keep your health in mind. We’ve all been there! If you’re someone who regularly incorporates fitness into their lives, or if you’re just looking for a way to remind yourself to stay healthy on your vacation, this post is for YOU! Read on for tips and tricks for your travel healthy and happiness and scroll down to our last tip for an exclusive workout made by travellers, for travellers! 

1. Accept that you won’t be perfect; it’s all about balance

Okay, say it with me: “I am on vacation”. Whether you are backpacking, snorkelling, drinking, hiking, eating, sleeping or relaxing on a beach, you have worked long and hard to have this time off for YOURSELF. So, for your own mental health and personal happiness, let yourself indulge while you’re abroad. Have that extra glass of wine, sleep in, eat some extra dessert! That’s what travelling is all about! Do NOT put pressure on yourself or create any unrealistic expectations. Stressing out constantly about not following your regular routine will make you unhappy, distract from your experience and hinder you from discovering a different culture and country to the fullest! You deserve to enjoy every moment, so remind yourself that this isn’t permanent and that these extra indulgences are what travelling is all about. Staying fit while travelling isn’t all about your body, it’s about staying mentally healthy and happy, so be kind to yourself!

2. Never underestimate the power of walking


Both of us are firm believers that the best way to really see a city or place is to walk around in it! If you are headed to a landmark, restaurant or activity, give yourself some extra time to walk to it instead of taxi. Not only does it make your experience unique, by giving you a different look at the culture and locals around you, but it will give you a daily workout that you can enjoy! You’ll find hidden places never mentioned in a travel book or blog, you’ll be saving money on transportation AND you’ll be hitting those steps in no time at all! Walking keeps your body moving, muscles working and gets your heart rate up; that’s all you really need to stay healthy while enjoying your travels!

3. Use the one meal rule

NO, this doesn’t mean eating only one meal a day (are you crazy?!?). If you’re worried about over-eating on your trip, do what Devon often did on her travels to avoid over-indulging. We are always eager to try local delicacies and eat out at different restaurants, so Devon would choose one meal a day where she could try, eat and drink anything she wanted. The other two meals she reminded herself to make conscious healthy StayingFitPostchoices, like choosing a vegetable dish or opting for a fresh fruit breakfast. This way she knew she was getting her nutrients in, but still enjoying what each country had to offer.

*** EXTRA TIP: Simply incorporate at least a veggie or fruit into every single meal! We know this sounds simple enough, but it makes such a big difference in your overall energy and health throughout your trip.


4. Choose active ways to experience your trip

Yes, you can go on a bus tour, or just see the sights, but your trip will be more memorable if you choose to swim, bike, hike, ride and dance your way through it!

  • Checking out an ocean side city? Opt for snorkelling to get a look at the amazing marine life.
  • Spending your time on a beach vacation? Choose a day for sailing or surfing.
  • Find yourself in a big city? Look for a bike tour instead of a bus tour.
  • Big day ahead? Wake up 20 minutes earlier and go for a short jog to get your muscles moving.

There are opportunities everywhere to engage your body as well as your mind! These activities will likely be the moments that you’ll remember years from now. They’ll spice up your trip and give you an amazing variety throughout. There is no downside, so get moving!

5. Use the 15 minute rule and check out this workout we created just for you!

If you are spending your entire time relaxing on a beach vacation, and enjoying all the food and drinks you can get… GO FOR IT! We love the lazy rest days as much as we love the activities! However, if you can spare just 15 minutes a day or every other day, you’ll be drastically improving your vacation health and fitness. Take just a quarter of an hour to focus on your body; on getting your heart rate up, challenging your muscles and breaking a sweat. This will improve your mood, give you more energy and allow you to eat all of those yummy travel foods without any guilt!  

We teamed up with our amazing friend and fitness expert Amanda Soha, to create a workout just for you! It’s a challenging, but short and portable workout for all of you travellers on the go. This fits perfectly in your 15 minute rule, doesn’t require any equipment and can be done in even the smallest of hotel rooms.

Amanda and Devon created it just for YOU to use on your travels! Check it out:

CLICK HERE to her get access to the youtube video!

Let us know how the workout works for you. Maybe even try it outside! We would love to hear from you!




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