Travel from Hué to Hôi An, Vietnam

Hue-HoiAnGetting between Vietnamese cities Hué and Hôi An can be a little difficult, but having heard amazing things about Hôi An, we ended up doing something a little different. We took a bus tour from Hué to Hôi An, which cost 260,000 dong (around $15 CAD). However, if you have to get from point A to point B, why not make it interesting! The bus stopped at sights along the way, including the marble mountains, and didn’t run us much more than a normal bus there. The trip took about 8 hours (though our bus popped a tire setting us back about an hour) including lunch and stops at 4 different places.


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  • Local Village – The first stop was at a small local village just outside of Hué. It was cool to see a less tourist-influenced area. There was also a full blown local market, complete with live fish flopping around and pigs feet on display.
  • Lang Co – This was the first time we saw the pacific ocean on our trip! We stopped at a hostel and were able to head down to the water and dip our feet in the ocean. Not a long stop but pretty cool!
  • Hai Van Mountain Pass – This was a really cool road through the mountains. We stopped at the top to take pictures of the surrounding mountains and ocean in the background. Most buses won’t take this route anymore because there’s a tunnel underpass which is faster, but the views from here were worth the extra time.huetohoianpic1
  • Marble Mountains – These are small mountains made up of marble and limestone in the middle of a town. It was really surreal to see a completely flat landscape then 4 or 5 of these beautiful mountains jutting up into the air. The entry fee for going up one of the mountains was 15,000 dong ($2 CAD), and it was 15,000 dong each way on the elevator, but you could walk up for free. We opted to pay for the elevator ride up because we were short on time due to the bus breakdown, and walked down at the end. The mountain had lots of caves to explore, spotted with beautiful Buddha statues and pagodas. One cave we climbed through brought us to the very top of the mountain! We only had 45 mins but we easily could have spent 2 hours running around exploring. The tour definitely saved the best for last!

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3 Replies to “Travel from Hué to Hôi An, Vietnam”

  1. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE online on the best way to get to Hoi an from Hue. This sounds good, but do you know of any quicker buses? Also, how common is English in Hue?

    1. Glad you found the post helpful, we had a lot of trouble finding info on this too at the time! I believe the hotel we stayed at also offered us a bus that got there faster, but it wasn’t much cheaper than the “tour bus” we took. If you need to get there quickly go for it, but if you have a few extra hours we definitely recommend our route. The view from Hai Van Pass is awesome, and it was really cool to explore the Marble Mountains.
      As for their English, it’s a little less known than in the bigger cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but you can still get by. As always in Vietnam the hotel staff have great English and were the happiest and most accommodating hotel staff we encountered our whole trip.
      Happy Travelling!

      1. Yup yup! Thanks for the info! Sounds like it might be best and less stressful to figure out the mode once I get there! I’ll definitely be asking the hotel though 🙂

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