Koh Rong, Cambodia

kohrongKoh Rong is a beautiful island off the southern coast of Cambodia with a mix of atmospheres. Many travel here to hang out in the shanty bars and to join the backpacker party, while some get away from the noise to the serene hostels away from the pier. We opted for the second option, as we’d had our fill of partying in Sihanoukville. After arriving at the main pier we hopped into a long boat taxi and headed over to Coconut Beach, where we found our own little slice of paradise. Whatever atmosphere you’re looking for, you’ll be able to enjoy it in on the stunning white sand beaches of Koh Rong.

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How to Get There

Lots of ferries leave from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong daily. There is a booking office for the ferries on the main road. We booked with the TBC ferry ($20 US round trip), which kohrongpic2we heard was the cheapest/best. Note that when they say to meet at the office at a certain time, you are there on time! We drunkenly forgot to set our alarms and slept in and ran down to the main pier to catch it instead. We quickly realized that TBC ferries don’t leave from the main pier, but luckily the company sent a free tuk tuk to pick us up and bring us to the correct pier in time to catch the boat. The trip took about an hour and 45 mins and arrived at Touch Beach on Koh Rong after stopping twice on Koh Rong Samloem.

Where to Stay

  • Coconut Beach – Coconut Beach is a secluded beach on the south western point of the island. It’s home to only two small accommodations, providing you with your own private beach getaway. We went for the $15 US tent option, and our “room” KohRongPic4.pngwas right on the water in the shade of some trees and had an elevated comfy bed to sleep on. It poured the one night but we stayed completely dry. Robbie the owner was a super nice, exciting guy, and provided lots of activities to get everyone involved. Snorkelling gear, and frisbees etc were provided for free. Note that you’ll have to take a water taxi from Touch Beach (where you’re dropped by the ferry) to Coconut Beach, which you’ll have to organize with Robbie in advance. The taxi costs $20 US total, and Robbie tries to plan it so that you split the cost with other guests arriving/leaving. Definitely the place to go if you want a relaxing few days in paradise! You can book online here.

What to Do

  • Chill on the Beach – As you can see by the pics, this was one of the nicest beaches we experienced throughout our trip, and at Coconut Beach we had it all to ourselves! We kohrongpic3spent a lot of time just relaxing and soaking up some rays, or hanging out on the hammock in the shade by our tents reading or catching up on our journals.
  • Robbie’s Activities – We used the free snorkel gear and frisbee which was awesome, but also participated in Robbie’s organized activities. He set up a fun game of mafia, provided floating lanterns for us to set off in the starry sky, had a bonfire going and brought us into the water after dark to check out the bioluminescent plankton. He always had a fun activity to bring everyone together and keep us entertained.
  • Party Scene – If you choose not to head out to the more secluded beaches around the island, we’ve heard joining the party at Touch Beach is unreal!

What to Eat

  • We only ate at Coconut Beach but the kitchen had a reasonably priced menu considering we were on an island. We ate pancakes and salad and some fish throughout our stay.

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