Koh Phi Phi, Thailand


Koh Phi Phi (Pronounced Koh Pee Pee) is one of the more party oriented and commercialized islands we visited in Southern Thailand. Much of it is dedicated to tourism so you won’t get the normal Thailand vibe, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t visit. A couple of late nights drinking and making new friends never hurt anyone. There are still lots of markets and stalls lining the streets, and we found fire shows on the beach almost every night. It’s also a great base for snorkelling, as there are many smaller islands with stunning reefs just a short boat ride away.

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How to Get There

You need to take a ferry to the island as there is no airport. Our ferry from Railay Beach took 1.5 hours once we got on the boat, though our engine cut out twice. It cost 400 baht. On the way back to Krabi, to catch our flight, the boat cost 300 baht.

Where to Stay


  • Oasis Guesthouse – We are particularly proud of this find, as we only paid 300 baht a night; about half of what people were paying on the main drag. We were only a 5 minute walk from the main street and bars, and it was much quieter at night allowing us to get a good night sleep. The room was very basic, but had a comfy bed, fan and an ensuite bathroom. The front desk was open at very random hours, but we made do. The biggest downside was that it had no wifi, but it was worth the amazing price. You can’t book Oasis Guesthouse online, but if you’d like to book in advance you can find cheap accommodation on Koh Phi Phi here.

What to Do

  • Snorkelling – We booked a snorkelling trip through Adventure Club for 800 baht and it was awesome. We chose to center our snorkel around Koh Phi Phi Leh which is just south of the main Phi Phi island (Koh Phi Phi Don). It is also the location of Maya Beach, which is the famous setting of the Leonardo Dicaprio movie “The Beach”. We saw sharks as soon as we pulled into the bay, and swam near a bunch of black tip reef sharks throughout the snorkel. We also saw turtles, clown fish in their anemones, porcupine fish, barracuda and lion fish. The snorkels were split up by a break on a pure white sand beach in a hidden cove. It was an awesome snorkel, and to top it off we saw some cool viking caves on the way back to the main island.
  • Beach – The beach on Koh Phi Phi is a great place to chill anytime of the day. Relax and soak up some rays during the day, and wander up and down the beach enjoying the fire shows with a drink in hand at night.

Where to Eat


  • Phi Phi Bakery – Just a quick walk from the ferry, the Phi Phi Bakery has great wifi and some tasty snacks. It had an awesome chill spot on the second floor with bean bags and couches. We spent a decent amount of time here since we didn’t have wifi.
  • Papaya Restaurant – A basic restaurant with rave reviews, Papaya didn’t disappoint. The food was amazing, and didn’t empty your wallet.
  • Only Noodles – Literally a hole in the wall, this place says it like it is and literally only sells noodles. No drinks, no appetizers, just a bunch of Pad Thai. It was our last meal in Thailand and it was easily one of the best Pad Thais we had all trip. Not to mention it was super cheap.
  • Madam Restaurant – This restaurant was fairly cheap compared to most places on the island. The food was good, though we had a few drinks in us before we headed there.

Night Life


  • Ibiza – A bumpin’ bar on the beach, Ibiza was one of the places to be once the sun went down. They put on a crazy fire show, with one guy spinning a fire stick while walking along a tight rope. We did fire limbo as well, and the drinks were a reasonable price. Walking up and down the beach checking out the other fire shows was a fun time too!
  • Princess Beach Resort Pool Party – Though it’s not at night, Princess Beach Resort puts on a super fun pool party every Friday starting around noon. Drinks are a little on the expensive side, but it’s a super happening place, and there’s nothing like hanging out in a pool with some friends and drinks looking out into the ocean.

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