Top Places to See in Indonesia

Welcome to our guide on the top places to see in Indonesia! We weren’t able to check out all of the 17,000+ islands, but we have been able to check out several popular destinations over two different trips. The island life seemed to suit us, strolling down the beaches, enjoying sunsets every night and the diving was amazing. Check out our top places to see in Indonesia below!

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Must See

  • Nusa Penida – This is a beautiful, scenic island off the coast of Bali, which many visit on day trips. We spent 4 days here exploring the whole island, and we absolutely loved it. Rent a scooter and roam the island on your own time, checking out the jaw-dropping cliffs and beaches, oceanside temples and natural springs.
  • Gili Air – One of the Gili islands off the mainland of Lombok but also easily accessible from Bali. Gili Air is the least developed of the Gili Islands and embraces it’s laid back island vibe. Chill out in the sand all day and head over to the northwest side of the island to claim a beanbag chair or personal restaurant bungalow before grabbing a Bintang beer to watch the sunset. This island is more laid back than it’s sister island below, but it still has a plethora of bars, restaurants, and live bands to keep you occupied. We found it the perfect mix of late nights and chill days.
  • Labuan Bajo (Komodo Island) – This is your base camp to visit Komodo National Park, and is a fun town on its own. The area suffers a bit from tourist inflation prices, but the fun restaurants and bars accompanied by amazing sunsets make it worth it. Komodo National Park is an incredible group of islands, and boasts more than the only place to see Komodo Dragons in the wild. You can hike up Rinca Island for an amazing view, go diving or snorkeling with manta rays and chill out on pure white sand bars just to name a few.
  • Yogyakarta – This happening city is your base camp to visit world famous Borobudur and Prambanan temples. It’s also a hub of art and culture in Indonesia, within the city you can explore mosques, shopping streets, art museums and parks.

Worth a Trip

  • Mount Bromo – Seeing the sunrise over the alien landscape of Mount Bromo is on most travellers’ bucket list when visiting the island of Java. Despite our difficulties getting there without getting scammed, the view was very cool. Your base village for the hike, Cemorolawang, is quite small, and only worth one nights stay, hence why it made out “Worth a Trip” list.
  • Gili Trawagan (T) – If you’re going to the Gili Islands to party, you’ll definitely need to head to Gili T. The bars along the main strip take turns hosting the nightly party well into the night. You can find any party vibe you desire, from irish pub to live rasta band, but the end of the night always evolves into DJ beats. You’ll also find some picturesque swings in the water to capture your perfect sunset photo. We preferred Gili Air, with it’s nice mix of party and laid back beach days, but Gili T was definitely worth the trip.
  • Kuta – A hectic town in Bali where most travellers begin their trip. Though not the most scenic location in Bali, a really cool place to explore. Surfing lessons are popular here as the conditions are usual optimal for beginners along the main beach. If you’re looking for some nightlife, look no further than SkyGarden where you can find an all you can eat BBQ and all you can drink bar (yes that means alcohol) for approximately $10.

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