Top Places to See in Singapore

Singapore Map

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, and it shows this off with an extremely clean environment and massive skyscrapers. There isn’t a ton to see, especially on a budget, but Singapore is definitely worth a stop on any tour through SEA.

Must See

  • Botanic Gardens – Yes, this is a recommendation to go see a garden. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are a national staple of the country. Just think of it as a zoo but full of awesome plants. The 82 hectare garden is split up into different sections, ranging from rainforest to desert to an evolution garden. You’ll see massive jungle trees, tiny bonsai trees, cacti and carnivorous plants. Make sure to also visit the National Orchid Garden within the park with over 60,000 orchids on display.
  • Night Safari – The Night Safari is one of the three zoo attractions in Singapore. Leave enough time to take both the guided tram and to walk around the zoo yourself as you see different animals each way. The zoo is very open concept, with ditches as SingaporePic1opposed to fences for a lot of the enclosures to allow you to feel closer to the action. Some highlights were the fishing cat, a massive gharial, an adorable slow loris and the Malaysian tiger.
  • Rooftop Bar – Singapore is chock-full of impressive skyscrapers and architecture, and what better way to view these sights than from 282 meters in the air? That’s the view from 1-Altitude, the world’s tallest alfresco bar offering a spectacular 360 degree few of the island. Ku Dé Ta atop Marina Bay Sands is also a world renowned rooftop location worth checking out. We were lucky enough to be treated by friends living in Singapore, but be ready to shell out a bit of cash to experience these views.

Worth a Trip

  • Orchard Road – Experiencing the madness and glamour of Orchard Road is a fun way to pass the time. Dozens of malls line the busy street where you can find anything SingaporePic2you can imagine. There’s also an amazing Christmas light display if you’re there in the right season.
  • Changi Airport – You probably won’t have a choice whether or not to visit the airport, but if you do enjoy it! It’s decked out with tons of restaurants, waterfall gardens, a gym, movie theatre, a video games room and more. Don’t worry about getting there early, you’ll find something to do!

Just Pass Through

  • Sentosa Island – An island tourist hub reachable by bus or cable car, it was a little chaotic. The over the top attractions and crowded beach are where everyone seems to flock to get away from the city. Unless you’re on a family trip with kids, we suggest to avoid it and save your money for some cooler things.

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