We were only able to squeeze in a small amount of Indonesia on our trip, but after that short week we were left wanting more. The island life seemed to suit us, strolling down the beaches, enjoying sunsets every night and the diving was amazing. Here’s our take on the islands we did see: Bali and Gili Air (off of Lombok).

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Must See


  • Kuta – A hectic town in Bali where most travellers begin their trip. Though not the most scenic location in Bali, a really cool place to explore. Surfing lessons are popular here as the conditions are usual optimal for beginners along the main beach. If you’re looking for some nightlife, look no further than SkyGarden where you can find an all you can eat BBQ and all you can drink bar (yes that means alcohol) for approximately $10.
  • Gili Air – One of the Gili islands off the mainland of Lombok but also easily accessible from Bali. Gili Air is the least developed of the Gili Islands and embraces it’s laid back island vibe. Chill out in the sand all day and head over to the northwest side of the island to claim a beanbag chair or personal restaurant bungalow and a grab Bintang to watch the sunset. Also a great spot to dive and snorkel.

Worth a Trip/Just Pass Through

  • Our stop in Indonesia on this particular trip was a brief one, and was cut even shorter than planned by unexpected flight delays. Everywhere we experienced was amazing, and we’re very excited to go back to explore the rest of the country!

Check out our posts on Indonesia here!

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