Top Places to See in Australia

Australia Map

Australia is a huge country with so many opportunities and adventures it’s dizzying.We focused our trip through Australia on the east coast, starting in Cairns and making our way down to Melbourne. We got to see some iconic land marks, beautiful beaches and experience the unique natural environment Australia has to offer. Though very expensive, no matter where you go, you’ll find sun, fun and adventure!

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Must See

  • Byron Bay – A quaint hippie beach town with tons to offer. The streets are packed with fun shops selling anything from surfing gear to souvenirs. The surf here is known throughout the area to be some of the best in Australia, as proven by all of the surfers we saw in the water! Make sure to set aside a day for the Lighthouse Trail, a 3 kilometer hike through the hidden Byron Bay beaches and across oceanfront cliffs ending at the Byron Bay lighthouse and a view from the eastern most point of mainland Australia.AirlieBeachPic2
  • Fraser Island – Book a tour to Fraser Island the day you land in Australia. Exploring the largest sand island in the world on a massive 4 wheel drive bus was easily one of the biggest highlights of our trip. Experience crystal clear perch lakes among the sand dunes, a 75-mile long beach, and the only rainforest growing on a base of sand. You can’t say you’ve experienced Australia until you’ve seen Fraser Island.
  • Sydney – The home of the world’s largest natural harbour and Australia’s most populous city, Sydney is an obvious must see while travelling Australia. Utilize the easy-to-use transit system to explore their famous beaches such as Bondi and Manly, see the world famous Opera House and Harbour bridge or take the train up to the Blue Mountains. If you have time try to check out the Taronga Zoo to walk among wallabies and kangaroos!

Worth a Trip

  • Cairns – The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef is a nice city in northern Australia. Definitely book a dive or snorkel out at the reef to experience the colourful variety of fish and sea animals in the largest reef in the world. Walking along the Esplanade is a good way to spend a day, make sure to soak up some rays beside the man made lagoon as well.BlueMountainsPic1
  • Airlie Beach – An upscale pricier version of Byron Bay, Airlie Beach is the starting point for boat tours to Whitehaven Beach. The pristine beach disappearing into turquoise blue water boasts some of the whitest sand in the world. The shops and beaches in the actual town are worth a look as well.
  • Melbourne – Another big coastal city without the flair of Sydney, but still worth a stop. Check out the awesome street art on Hosier Lane in the center of the city, and make sure to get out to Phillip Island or St. Kilda to see the native little penguins.

Just Pass Through

  • Surfer’s Paradise – An expensive, tourist-crowded skyscraper wonderland that doesn’t even boast the best surf in the area. If you’re gonna stop by spend some time on the large beach and check out the Main Street but move down to Byron Bay as soon as possible.
  • Hervey Bay – A little too quiet, this city is the starting point of most tours to Fraser Island. There are some cool piers to check out and an aquarium but nothing to get too excited about. Make sure you’re there in time for your ferry to Fraser Island and you’re golden.

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